UP! Software V1.17 Supports Better Resolution

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Everyone knows that UP! plus layer thickness choice is 200 microns, 250 microns, 300 microns, 350 microns, 400 microns. This time UP! Software has released the very exciting update v1.17 that dramatically increase the layer resolution with a finer output will be available from there. V1.17 will still maintain features of ease of use, but the resolution is upgrading to a new level, 150 microns for the UP! plus. With 150 microns layer thickness, you can get more models printed with thinner layer thickness and thinner wall. 150 microns will be the finest resolution in its price grade. The upgrade will benefit all the UP! users. No matter you are an UP! plus user, or you are an UP! mini user. No matter you bought the UP! plus two years ago or two minutes ago. It will be 100% free for every user. Get your UP! printer a finer resolution by updating the new software and new ROM. Download now